Unit 3 Reflection

The first section of this Unit was ‘What is Story Telling?’ In this section we had to write about what we thought story telling was, without looking up the definition online. I found this a difficult one at first, it was so tempting to look up the definition and then adapt it to what the definition meant to me, but I kept to my will power and sat for a while thinking. I wrote a blog post about what it means to me.

I then looked into story telling further and what ‘Digital Story Telling’ is. I was quite surprised to discover that digital storytelling really isn’t as complex as I thought. I enjoyed looking at ‘Humans of New York’ Facebook page, reading about people from all walks of life in New York City, and their life stories. I felt that it definitely gives story telling a new meaning, keeping up with the 21st Century adapting old ideas to the new.

I think my favourite part of the unit was looking at the shapes of stories by Kurt Vonnegut. It was really interesting to think about the different ‘lines’ stories take and got me thinking about some of my favourite films and books and trying to figure out what storyline they would follow.

The next task was to choose our favourite book or film and actually draw our own graph, based on Kurt Vonnegut’s graph, showing the storyline we thought it followed. I wrote a blog post on it. Bellow I’ve inserted a picture of my own graph about the film Mean Girls.


For the final part of the unit I chose two random photos from the DS106 site and was required to create a story, linking the two photos I had chosen, together. I decided to manipulate this task slightly, and instead of creating a story with the two photos, I decided to link them together using an inspirational quote. I did this because I feel that the message within this was more important than writing loads of words. I wrote a blog post about it.

Overall I’ve enjoyed this unit a lot more than the two previous units. I felt more engaged and less obliged to complete every single task. I’ve learnt a lot about what storytelling is and how its adapted and changed to become  digital and more ‘up-to-date.’ My experience with DS106 is going well so far, the only thing I need to imporve on is maybe add a little more time into it, time management is becoming an issue, balancing my blogging with other assignments and also my part time job. But I’m looking forward to starting the next unit and learning more.

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