Unit 4 Reflection

I didn’t really enjoy this unit as much as the last, for me I’m a very visual learner so it was difficult to apply myself to tasks that purely involve listening and providing my own visual learning through my imagination. I still enjoyed it though and it was interesting for me to learn about audio story telling.

It reminded me of when I was younger and I used to listen to audio books to help me fall asleep, I think after having listened to the same audio book a number of times it became easier to loose myself in the story and just listen to it without having to imagine the characters or situations. I’ve notice also, with a lot of audio story books the narrators voice is often calming and very clear, which helps you, as the listener, to follow the story and take it all in. To be able to simply listen and not have to concentrate really hard, but still take all the information in.

I think this was a key element in helping me to understand the two tasks I carried out during unit 4.

The first part of the unit asked us to watch videos from Ira Glass and Had Abumrad, and note down key quotes from what they were saying. The videos were key in helping me to really think about audio storytelling in different ways and viewpoints. I’ve written a blog about what I’ve learned from both the videos.

The next part of the unit was to listen to a short radio story, which DS106 gave us to listen to. We had to take key notes about the different types of audio techniques used throughout the piece. I’ve written a blog about the different effects that were used throughout and why I thought they worked well.

I enjoyed that we had to look at different techniques used with sound, as I feel that sometimes using only sound to tell a story is a lot harder than when you have the aid of visual to help you. You reply completely on words and sound effects to keep your audience engaged. If you don’t have a strong storyline to grasp your audiences attention then you’re lost. With sound effects it helps get grab and keep the audiences attention from the start and throughout.

For unit 4 these were the only two tasks I carried out. I found that while I enjoyed it, for me personally I lost interest quickly as I’m a much more visual learner and while I feel I have learned something from this unit, it wasn’t a good unit for me. I’m looking forward to the next unit as it’s all about story telling with pictures which I feel is definitely more for me, and hopefully, will grab my interest 100% and I’ll complete all the tasks without losing interest.

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