What does Story Telling mean to me?

Storytelling to me has different meanings. While the obvious one is a parent telling a bedtime story to their child, with fairytales and imaginary worlds and magical worlds where you can be transported into another world for a few hours but it also means sharing memories of events, whether important, unimportant, funny or not funny, with others around us. Sometimes its a way of involving new people in our lives with past people or events but sometimes it could just be reminiscing with others about joint experiences. But how I imagine story telling being done is in person, from one person to another, with interaction, where you can see each others facial expressions and hand movements.

Bring in the idea of digital storytelling and the meaning changes. I feel like the concept of storytelling is still there. However when I imagine digital storytelling I imagine it taking place through forms of technology, texting, emailing, social media, and therefore the essence of storytelling changes. You can’t gage someone’s facial expressions or gestures or tone of voice through a screen in the same way you can in person.


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