Audio Storytelling

For the first part of Unit 4 we were asked to watch various videos on audio storytelling and write a reflective blog about these videos. The first video was “Radiolabs Jad Abumrad: How radio Creates Empathy.” I found this a really interesting video and a couple of key quotes really stuck out for me;

“Radio does not have images, which might initially seem weird but its ultimately the coolest thing about radio, is what it lacks”

-“I’m painting something, but I’m not holding the paintbrush, you are”

I really understood and absorbed everything that Jad had said within, and began to relate it back to unit 3 as well with the concept of digital story telling. The quote about what radio lacks was an interesting one for me, it kind of reminded me how in the 21st century a lot of people rely on images to be there in front of them, obvious. People don’t tend to use their imaginations as much any more, which quite often can be much more powerful than a virtual image right in front of you.

I really liked the paintbrush quote because I felt it linked nicely to the previous quote. It is simply up to us and our imagination to take the words being read to us and create our own images inside our heads, adapting it to make it a story personal to us.


The second video I watched was “Ira Glass on Storytelling, Part 1 of 4.″ One quote in particular really stood out for me;

“The whole shape of a story is that you’re throwing out questions to keep people watching or listening; and answering them along the way”

I felt like this was a really important factor of audio storytelling. With the lack of an obvious image in front of people the story relies solely on the words you read to them to keep them engaged and to keep the story alive. By getting people to question various factors throughout it keeps them hooked and interested, and also involves them on a more personal level, in the story.

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