Listening to Audio, 503; I was just trying to help

In this part of the unit, we had to listen to a story from the links given and write about how effective the audio was for this story. I chose to listen to 503:I was just trying to help. In this audio story different people give share their stories about how they were simply trying to help someone and how it went wrong. I’ve written below some brief notes I made while I was listening to the audio piece;

Narration sets each persons account up nicely- Its a good layout to the show, keeps order

Serious, slightly formal tone- Helps highlight the nature of the stories

Brief bursts of background music under narrators voice- Helps transition from what audience think is a happy ending, when actually the sad ending is yet to come

Narrator leads interviewee- Asks questions at various points for interviewee to answer

I enjoyed having no music bed while the narrator introduce each person telling their story, it gave it a slightly eerie effect and helped to highlight the seriousness of each story. I thought it was a good effect playing a brief music bed when the narrator appears to wrap up the story but the bad news is yet to come, it makes a nice smooth transition.

The formal tone to both the narrator and interviewee helped to set the mood to the piece nicely, and also informed me, as an audience member, this is perhaps something I need to pay my full attention to as I could miss bits if I wasn’t listening.

I think it is very important for people to understand what makes good stories, especially when there being told through audio. Words, audio and listening are very powerful tools to use when telling stories. I actually found myself concentrating more as I couldn’t just dip in and out of the story like I can when watching telly and can pick back up quite quickly from watching whats going on on the screen, with the audio if I tuned out for a brief minute, when I came back I’d missed vital pieces of information to the story.


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